When you compare disc brakes and the drum brake assemblies in your Nissan Axxess, you will observe that they're having a different construction though the function of their components (i.e. brake drum and brake rotor) is practically equivalent. The Nissan Axxess brake drum and braking shoes work together to bring your car to a complete stop; apart from this equivalence with disc brake assemblies, these two drum-brake pieces also go through almost identical problems.

When the brake drum or brake shoes weaken, the car?s halting efficiency will be significantly decreased. The development of grooves on the drum's surface is among the typical issues which affect brake drums, one that leads to poor production of friction. Like your brake rotor, the Nissan Axxess brake drum could likewise become thinner after a while, and this indicates that this component also gets more fragile - you should check its dimensions from time to time so that you can see once it's already gotten slimmer compared to the minimum requirement, whereby you should replace the mentioned component.

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