The drum braking systems of your Jeep Wagoneer are built differently from disc brake assemblies, though the operation of their brake drum plus braking shoes makes use of similar brake concepts. Your Jeep Wagoneer brake drum and braking shoes function harmoniously to move the vehicle to a full halt; other than the mentioned likeness with disc brake assemblies, these drum braking components likewise experience the same challenges.

Poor halting is a prevalent problem experienced by drum brakes, and the mentioned problem can occur as a result of excessive wear on the brake drum or braking shoes. One of the primary problems that brake drums experience is scoring, a condition that reduces the friction released each time you're braking. Like your brake disk, the Jeep Wagoneer brake drum may also get thinner after sometime, and this means the device also gets more sensitive - you must inspect its structure once in a while to find out whenever it has finally gotten slimmer than the minimum measurement, at which point you need to change the said component.

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