When you do an assessment of disk braking assemblies and the drum brakes in your Hyundai Sonata, you?ll observe that they have different structure although the function of their components (i.e. brake drum and brake disk) isn't any different. Your Hyundai Sonata brake drum and braking shoes operate harmoniously to deliver your car to a complete halt; apart from this likeness with disc brake assemblies, these drum braking pieces likewise encounter almost identical problems.

Poor stopping is a common concern encountered by drum-brake assemblies, and the said issue can arise due to a damaged brake drum or brake shoes. The development of marks on the drum's surface area is one of the common issues that affect brake drums, one which leads to insufficient friction-generating process. Like your brake rotor, your Hyundai Sonata brake drum may also be leaner after a while, and that means it also turns weaker - you must check its structure now and then so that you can find out once it has already turned slimmer compared to the minimum measurement, in which case you need to switch the said part.

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