Whenever you examine disk braking assemblies and the drum brake assemblies in your Geo Storm, you will see that they're having a different build though the task given to their parts (such as the brake drum and brake disk) is almost similar. Every Geo Storm brake drum acts as the surface area that accommodates the braking shoes in order to generate the heat energy necessary to stop your vehicle, and such components are affected by problems just like the problems that besiege disc brakes.

Once the brake drum or shoes weaken, the car?s stopping efficiency will be drastically lowered. Amongst the usual complications that brake drums experience is the occurrence of grooves, a condition that minimizes the frictional energy generated when braking. Like the rotor, your Geo Storm brake drum might likewise get thinner after sometime, and this signifies that this component also turns more delicate - you must assess its structure from time to time to find out whenever it has already become slimmer than the nominal requirement, at which point you must replace the said component.

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