You are going to discover that the drum brake assemblies of your Ford Windstar are designed distinctly from disc braking systems, yet the work of the brake drum and braking shoes uses similar braking concepts. The Ford Windstar brake drum and shoes function harmoniously to move your car to a total halt; apart from such similarity with disc brakes, the drum-brake parts also go through similar challenges.

Once the brake drum or brake shoes deteriorate, the vehicle's halting efficiency will be drastically decreased. One of the primary troubles that brake drums encounter is scoring, a condition that minimizes the power generated when stopping. Similar to your rotor, the Ford Windstar brake drum might similarly become leaner over time, and this signifies that this component also becomes more susceptible to deterioration - you must inspect its measurements once in a while so that you can know once it has finally gotten leaner than the nominal requirement, at which point you must change the mentioned component.

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