Whenever you compare disk brake assemblies and the drum braking assemblies in your Ford Tempo, you will notice that they are of differing structure even though the work completed by their devices (ex. brake drum and brake disk) is practically the same. Each Ford Tempo brake drum works as the surface area that holds the brake shoes to be able to produce the heat energy necessary to stop your car, and these components are plagued by conditions similar to issues affecting disc brakes.

Inefficient braking is one common concern encountered by drum brakes, and this may arise as a result of damage in the brake drum or brake shoes. Scoring is an example of the common troubles that damage brake drums, one that brings about insufficient friction generation. Like your rotor, your Ford Tempo brake drum might likewise get thinner over the years, and that means it also gets weaker - you must assess its structure now and then in order to know once it's finally become leaner compared to the nominal requirement, at which point you should replace the mentioned component.

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