Each Ford Falcon car sold in the industry these days are equipped with two types of brake systems found at the front-most and the rear wheels. The key circuit is a disc brake system and it is located on the front wheels. The rear uses a drum brake and is the secondary or parking brake circuit on the car. This rear circuit is usually referred to as a hand brake or parking brake.

This particular brake system is represented by the Ford Falcon brake drum. This component appears like a drum and therefore, its label. It will sound like a drum, justifying its name. The key function, nonetheless, is to provide the brake shoe a friction-generating partner needed for the vehicle braking performance.

For all these necessary functions of this Ford Falcon brake drum, ensure that it is at is working condition. If replacement needs to be necessary, acquire merely from reliable names like Ikuta, Omix, and SBS. Obtain all of them only at Parts Train!