All of the drum brake units in your Ford may be designed differently from disk brakes, but the function of the brake drum and brake-shoes makes use of the same braking principles. Your Ford brake drum and brake shoes operate harmoniously to deliver the car to a total halt; other than such likeness with disc brakes, the drum brake components also encounter the same troubles.

Inefficient stopping is a common concern which affects drum brakes, and this could arise because of extreme wear on the brake drum or brake shoes. The development of lines on the drum's surface is an example of the common troubles that plague brake drums, a condition that results in insufficient production of friction. The same as your rotor, the Ford brake drum may likewise be leaner over the years, and this signifies that it also gets more sensitive - you should check its dimensions from time to time in order to find out whenever it's finally turned leaner than the minimum measurement, in which case you have to replace the said item.

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