When you examine disc brakes and the drum brake units in your Fiat 850, you are going to see that they are of unique build although the task assigned to their devices (ex. brake drum and brake disk) is almost the same. The Fiat 850 brake drum serves as the surface which holds the shoes to produce the heat energy required in stopping your automobile, and these components are affected by issues which are comparable to issues which affect disc brake assemblies.

Inefficient stopping is one typical issue experienced by drum-brake assemblies, and this may occur because of excessive wear on the brake drum or shoes. The development of grooves on the drum's surface is among the usual troubles which damage brake drums, a problem which brings about insufficient production of friction. Besides such a condition, size reduction is also a concern which the Fiat 850 brake drum can experience; this is so vital that motorists are urged to consistently examine each part to keep track of its measurement - obtaining a new part is a must when it gets too thin.

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