All of the drum brake units of your Daewoo may be built differently from disk brakes, but the operation of their brake drum as well as brake-shoes makes use of comparable braking principles. The Daewoo brake drum serves as the area which works hand in hand with the braking shoes to generate the heat energy needed to stop your vehicle, and the said parts are plagued by conditions similar to those affecting disk brake assemblies.

Weak halting is a common problem encountered by drum-brake assemblies, and it could arise due to extreme wear on the brake drum or braking shoes. The development of lines on the drum's surface is an example of the common problems which plague brake drums, one that results in poor friction production. Other than this, size reduction is likewise a problem that the Daewoo brake drum might experience; it's so crucial that motorists are cautioned to consistently examine each component to monitor its measurement - a replacement is incredibly important the instant it becomes extremely lean.

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