The drum braking assemblies of your Chevrolet Nova are built differently from disc brake assemblies, yet the operation of the brake drum as well as brake shoes follows comparable stopping concepts. The Chevrolet Nova brake drum and shoes closely team up to bring the automobile to a total halt; other than such equivalence with disk braking systems, these drum braking components additionally experience almost identical challenges.

When the brake drum or brake shoes weaken, your vehicle's stopping proficiency is going to be greatly reduced. One of the primary troubles that brake drums go through is the occurrence of grooves, one that reduces the friction released each time you're halting. Similar to the rotor, the Chevrolet Nova brake drum may also be leaner over the years, and this means this component also turns more sensitive - you must check its measurements now and then so that you can see once it has already gotten thinner compared to the thinnest prerequisite, at which point you must replace the mentioned part.

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