It was in 1902 when brake discs were invented. Originally, the design is made of two discs that press against each other in order to generate friction that will slow down the motion of the car. It was after almost fifty years, when a new design of brake disc was invented. This design uses brake rotor and brake calipers. As expected, early design was a bit complicated, for in fact this design could only last for months. So studies were conducted, until research came up with a newer design of the brake disc that is more efficient. And this modern design of brake disc has been used for years now. Brake disc is used on front wheel drive vehicles.

Brake disc has a tendency to last much longer since their design is self adjusting, less prone to grabbing and pulling, and is less affected by water. A brake disc is actually a two-part system. It uses a disc or a rotor, brake pads, and brake caliper assemblies. This assembly includes the brake caliper support and one or more hydraulic pistons that push against the back of the brake pads and clamps them together on a spinning rotor. With great amount of force that clamps these pads together, more friction is produced. So this means that there is greater amount of heat; so there is more transfer of kinetic energy that will slow down the car.

In a standard design of brake disc, the cylinders may actually come single or in pair. This design is also referred as one or two-pot calipers. But when more amount of force is required, using three or more calipers can make the braking condition more effective. While brake disc can provide great stopping force to your car, its design then could be intolerant of workmanship because of bad machining. If the disc rotor is off for about 0.07mm, stepping on the brake will be difficult. The result is warping or misaligning the brake caliper. Likewise, the vibration will affect the car's handling condition.

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