When frequent or hard braking is always needed by your driving habit or by your driving environment, better be sure that all the components of your brake system are dependable enough. As one of the most significant parts of your Toyota brake system, your Toyota brake caliper needs to be highly-reliable at all times. The brake caliper is just like a tiny hydraulic clamp that literally brings your vehicle to a safe halt. It is a mechanism that's U-shaped and is designed to hold the brake rotor. On one or both sides of the U, piston or pistons are situated. Also, brake pads are lined inside of the U.

When brakes are applied, the master cylinder will release a high-pressure fluid which is pressed into the caliper. The caliper will then push a piston or pistons inward. In turn, the piston squeezes the brake pads against the rotor that's attached to the wheels. This action will force the wheels to slow down or to stop.

Brake calipers are of two types — the floating and the fixed calipers. Though there are other configurations, these two were the most commonly used. Among the two types, the single piston floating calipers are the most famous and they require less manufacturing cost. A floating brake caliper moves or floats in order to center itself over the brake rotor. When you apply the brake pressure, the hydraulic fluid will be pushed into two directions. The hydraulic fluid in one direction will force the piston against the inner pad which consequently presses against the brake rotor. In the other direction, the hydraulic fluid will push the caliper in the reverse direction against outer pad, and this will in turn push the pads against the rotor's other side.

The other type of the caliper is the four piston fixed calipers which are firmly installed to the support and aren't permitted to move. There are instead two pistons on the sides that press the brake pads against the brake rotor. The four piston calipers contain a better feel and are really efficient. However, they are more costly to manufacture and they are expensive to repair. The classy luxury cars and high-performance road machines employ this type of brake caliper.

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