A marque of Toyota Motors, Scion is among the new breed of vehicles that are now a constant figure on the road. Stylish and fresh looking, Scion vehicles are precisely designed from its engine to its auto body. It offers a new experience in driving and boasts its power packed systems that guarantee high performance.

The brake system of Scion models are well engineered to provide maximum safety on the part of the driver, the passengers and to the car itself. There is nothing more important than having a dependable brake system before driving off your Scion even for a mile only. The powerful brake that is loaded in your Scion can be attributed to the type of brake system it uses. And so far, the best brake ever considered is the disc brake which is used to stop almost everything from cars to jumbo jets.

The Scion disc brake is usually installed in the front wheels where greater braking power is required. The disc brake is the type of brake system that is widely used in the vehicles nowadays. The powerful performance of the disc brake is the one considered over the cost though drum brake is less expensive than the disc brake. The popularity of the disc brake is definitely due to its high performance that can be attributed to its fully functional components such as the brake caliper.

The Scion brake caliper is the device that makes use of the pressure from the hydraulic fluid to start the mechanism of stopping your vehicle. To effectively clamp the brake pads, the Scion brake calipers are equipped with pistons. The process of braking starts when you depress your brake pedal and the hydraulic pressure causes the Scion brake caliper to press the brake pads against the brake rotor. The friction produced during the pressing of the brake pads against the brake rotor is the cause why your vehicles slows down or have a full stop.

The Scion brake caliper is not spared from being worn out. However, you can still extend its lifespan through proper maintenance like changing the hydraulic fluid regularly. But despite the efforts to maintain the Scion brake calipers time will come that it would cease to function. If this happened, get the replacement of your Scion brake calipers from Pars Train. You can place your order through our online ordering system or you can call our toll-free numbers for further inquiries. Rest assured that Parts Train offers nothing but the best replacement parts and accessories.