When it is time to hit the road, your safety is the most0 important of all. With the thousands of vehicles speeding down the highway everyday, you are likely to get into a mishap if your braking system is worn out. Most drivers often overlook the brake system and only notice them when it has failed. Because a good performing brake system often go unnoticed, the need to regularly inspect it is crucial. You would never want to get into trouble just because you failed to check on your brakes this morning. Remember that you are not only risking your life but also the life of other people on the road.

Among the brake components of your Saturn vehicle, the brake caliper is the part that actually puts your car to a stop. Although it is not actually that brakes that stop your car but the friction generated, the brake caliper plays the most important role in creating this friction. When you step on the brake pedal, the brake fluid is carried on from the master cylinder at high pressure to the brake caliper. The activated pistons in the brake caliper then press the brake pads against the brake disc. In general, if there are more pistons on the caliper, the pressure on the pads is extended more uniformly onto the brake disc.

When choosing the best caliper for your Saturn you have to consider your car's weight, driving style and surface. The size of the piston is also important. Generally speaking, larger pistons generate more pressure and of course small pistons generated lesser pressure. Whatever your choice of caliper is just make sure that it fits your car's make and it will give the optimum mileage to you.

However, because brake calipers operate at high pressure, it is often exposed to too much stress and force. After thousands of spinning and stopping, your caliper will eventually fail. When this happens, it is vital that you replace the damaged brake caliper immediately. Do not put off replacement to avoid damaging the entire brake system. While you are doing the task of replacing your brake caliper, consider checking on the rest of the brake components to be sure that nothing else is worn out. If you are not knowledgeable enough on how to replace the brake caliper, do not hesitate to contact your mechanic.

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