In these days of off the ceiling gas prices, you can not well afford to drive a car that is not performing at its best. Safety and convenience is always a priority for most drivers. That is why a good set of brakes is critical to every vehicle. Saab has a full line of well-engineered vehicles that offer durable and powerful brake system. But to maintain these quality vehicles, regular brake check up is vital.

An excellent braking system is crucial to car durability, safety and gas mileage. Safety is an especially critical issue if the brake caliper is broken. The brake caliper is the brake part that generates the braking force which slows down the movement of your car. It is the heart of the braking system usually found in the middle of the rotating brake rotor connected to the wheel and the framework of the car. The brake caliper puts your car to a stop by creating friction by means of pressing the brake pads against the brake rotor.

If you have an ineffective brake caliper you will have to step on the brake pedal harder or else you will find it difficult to stop your car in time. You would know that your brake caliper is already worn out if you hear squealing noise every time you step on the brake, when your car pulls to one side when braking, when you have a sinking brake pedal and when the wheels lock up during braking. It is best to talk with your mechanic when you notice these symptoms to be able to immediately replace your damaged brake calipers.

Keep in mind that the life and power of your brake system can be considerably improved with proper brake maintenance. If you drive with a worn out brake caliper, the entire brake system is under stress. This can cause excessive damage to the brakes and time will come that the brake system will fail all together. As a result, you will suffer unnecessary expense. Thus, a regular inspection of the brake calipers is indispensable. You need to replace all exhausted and broken parts as often as necessary. Remember also that the brake caliper exercises inconceivable pressure to carry out braking, so as much as possible, you also need to replace the brake pads and brake fluid on a regular basis. Do it as often as needed. It is worth it especially if it is your safety that is on the line.

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