What do you think is the most important aspect of an automobile? Perhaps, many would say that it's the capacity of the engine to produce exhilarating speed. Others might say that it's the balanced mixture of aesthetics and performance. With luxury vehicles, the sophisticated features and comfortable ride are always on the top list. But whatever you consider as the aspect with the most weight value can just all be spoiled and useless without reliable brakes. For, what is an excellent-performing engine if the there's nothing to put it to an efficient and safe stop? And how can you show the appealing beauty of the unit if you can't drive it even around town due to problematic brakes?

The same with all other road machines, your Pontiac is equipped with a reliable braking system in order to ensure safe travel. It's the system that resists the acceleration or deceleration of the automobile, essentially converting the mechanical power into friction and heat. There are several types of brakes that can be used by different automobiles. Some are applicable solely to specific type of platform though, such as the engine brake system legally known as compression braking in hybrid units with internal combustion engines. Another is the exhaust brake system that works by closing the exhaust passage from the engine to produce a negative torque that'll overpower the energy of the emissions which helps push the vehicle. With that, the vehicle subsequently slows down eventually reaching full halt.

Unlike the two types of brakes mentioned, the disc brake and drum brake systems stops your Pontiac by directly opposing the spinning of the wheels. In the disc brake system, the components called brake calipers are used to tightly hold the friction element or rotor that connects to the wheels. They clamp at each side of the rotor through the force given by the hydraulic pressure. At the calipers' rotor-facing portion attaches a pair of brake pads, and inside the calipers are pistons which work on pushing the pads against the rotor to produce friction.

If your Pontiac brake calipers show indications of malfunctioning, the disc brake probably needs only realignment, tightening of connections or new Pontiac brake pads. But if they're already worn or distorted wherein such condition causes spongy pedal and excessive pedal travel, replacement is necessary. And for your Pontiac brake caliper and other brake parts needs, you can always trust PartsTrain. Our online store features auto products which were outsourced from the most reputable manufacturers, thus you are guaranteed of high quality and longer product life.