Safety assurance is among the most important aspects that auto manufacturers continuously develop in order for it to become more reliable. And it is the braking system that plays the most vital role in this particular aspect. Brakes must get the more maintenance and care than how what the aesthetics of your Nissan needs. If you're a racer or an off-road lover, you have to give your Nissan brakes the attention in necessitates, much like what you give to your Nissan engine. Essentially, its braking power should be able to beat the strength of the powerhouse, so to ensure safe and efficient halt even under emergency situations.

If you're Nissan is equipped with a disc brake system, it is carrying several components where efficient braking depends. Among which are the Nissan brake calipers. Installed to every wheel at the frontal side or on all four wheels, disc brake uses a pair of brake calipers. They are designed to hold the friction elements or the brake pads and enable them to make contact to the friction surface of brake rotor to produce friction. The efficiency of the caliper's job, along with the excellent performance of all other braking elements, the forward motion of the vehicle is effectively slowed until it finally sets to a stop.

Your Nissan disc brakes can be equipped with several types of brake calipers. Some of the brake caliper configurations available in the market today include the fixed caliper, single piston and multi-piston, and the floating caliper. The fixed caliper is the type that produces no lateral movement when the brakes are applied. The single piston and multi-piston is the design ideal to use when you want to ensure strong pressure that's capable of pressing the pads firmer against the rotors. Floating-caliper type on the other hand is the one that creates no drag even if there's only a very minimal pressure that makes the pads contact the brake rotors.

All those mentioned types of brake calipers boast different capacities that are quite admirable. But then, like normal auto parts, they too suffer from the harmful elements that eventually make them weak or defective. Moist, road salt and debris, and water can cause them to corrode earlier and acquire other mechanical damages. Unparalleled caliper installation and extended braking can as well cause it to fail. But there's really nothing to worry, for PartsTrain always has the best replacement Nissan brake calipers.