There is a plethora of good reasons why we need to have properly-functioning brakes, and they all boil down to safety. Better brakes usually lessen the distance your vehicle needs to travel in order to come to a halt and more significantly, they will have more resistance against fade. Brake fade happens when the brake fluid simmers because the brakes become extremely hot. As a result, you'll experience soft pedal feel and brakes that are much less responsive. Your brakes will surely suffer from brake fade after your ride passed through a long and twisty downgrade.

Having better brakes means having high-quality brake components including brake caliper. The caliper is the part of the brake system that is fastened to a wheel hub. It embraces the brake pads that are responsible for applying pressure on your ride's brake disc. The brake caliper in the front and rear brakes contain several pistons that must survive for more than 100,000 miles if they are well maintained. Usually, an automotive brake caliper is designed to last longer than the life span of your car. However, due to poor or lack of maintenance, you'll just find yourself in need of replacement caliper for your ride.

One thing that can extend the life of brake calipers is making sure that the brake fluid is flushed completely once a year. Failure to flush the brake fluid can allow water in the brake hydraulic system and this will cause rust. The said rust can reach the brake caliper pistons and eat up the caliper. The most detrimental thing that you can give to your ride's brake caliper is neglecting the replace your worn out brake pads, and allow the caliper to hit the rotor.

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