For years, Mini has been able to produce reliable vehicles. It has developed cars that have state of the art technology that offers more safety and performance to its drivers. But nothing more can be more important in your Mini than having a reliable braking system. After all, what good is your technologically advanced engine if your brakes cannot stop your car?

The most important part of the braking system is the brake caliper. It is like the hired assailant of the braking system. It follows whatever the master cylinder tells it to do and when to do it. For four-wheel disc vehicles, each corner of the vehicle has a caliper. There are many sizes and design of brake calipers available today - from fixed caliper to multi piston caliper to single piston floating caliper. Throughout the years, the brake caliper has undergone a lot of design changes to make it more dependable and adaptable to old and new vehicle make.

However, even though brake calipers are designed to last long it is still not resistant to wear and tear. Brake calipers are always exposed to hostile environment and external factors such as heat, road debris and salt among others. Salts on the road cause the floating caliper to clutch on its guide pins and create rough wear between the interior and exterior pads. Rust can also cause the brake caliper to stick against the brake pad. This results to extreme and rough brake pad wear.

To determine if you need to replace your brake caliper, check your brake caliper first for leakage. Because leakage can cause rough braking and brake fade, it is vital that you replace your brake caliper right away. But of course replacement of your brake caliper depends on how you use your car and the operating environment. Brake calipers can last for a long time in dry environment but it can last only a few years in moist climates. Take note that a replacement brake caliper is not really costly and is absolutely safer to use.

You are subjecting you and your fellow motorists to too much danger when you insist on driving with a faulty brake caliper. So, replace your malfunctioning brake caliper today. Visit Parts Train and get the Mini brake caliper that fit your vehicle model. Surf through our catalog and talk with our customer service representatives if you have any questions. With a quality Mini brake caliper from us, you can be sure to have that braking power that you want right when you need it.