The importance of good brakes is often underestimated. What good is a stylish car without good brakes? Remember that a good braking system is what comes between safety and danger.

Mazda vehicles are equipped with a good braking system that you can trust every time you are on the road. The Mazda brake caliper is one of the most important parts of your braking system. It is usually fastened to the wheel hub and it holds the pads or the components that give pressure on the disc. It is placed firmly on the spindle, which allows it to deliver the force of the wheel to the chassis through the control arms. The front and back break caliper has a number of pistons that should last for well over 100,000 miles with proper maintenance.

For many years, floating sliding, and single piston caliper disc brakes have been employed on the front wheels of most passenger cars. Some brake calipers have as many as four pistons triggering the friction pads. The piston seals are devised to pull in the piston enough to allow the pads to lightly get in touch with the rotor without any drag. Hence, to apply both friction pads to the machined surfaces of the rotating disc using the standard piston caliper, the caliper floats or slides on its mounting bolts.

Normally your Mazda brake caliper can last longer than your own car. However, because of lack of maintenance you can find yourself replacing the calipers way before you should have to. Corrosion and leaks inside the brake caliper can considerably reduce the stopping ability of your car producing a dangerous situation for you and others on the road. When corrosion sets in, the seals in the brake caliper are quickly worn out. One thing you can do to provide lasting care for your brake calipers is to make sure you have the brake fluid completely flushed every year. If you fail to flush brake fluid, your vehicle will get water from the brake hydraulic system and this will cause rust. Rust will reach the brake caliper piston and seize up the caliper. The most damaging thing you can do to your brake calipers is to fail to change your brake pads, and let the brake caliper pistons bump against the brake rotor.

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