The engine is usually considered as the most important auto part since it is the component that produces power to make a vehicle run. But because of the engineering refinements over the years, all contemporary braking systems are now several times more powerful than the automobile's engine. This means that on full throttle, a vehicle that's very powerful can be stopped easily by means of the brakes. The brake system of modern vehicles today has been improved for almost 10 decades and has turn out to be very efficient and dependable.

The brake caliper is among the major components of your Lexus brake system. Fastened to your ride's wheel hub, the brake caliper works just like a tiny hydraulic clamp intended to hold the brake parts that actually bring the car into a stop. It is a U-shaped mechanism having a piston or pistons in one or either side of the U. When you step on the brake pedal, high-pressure fluid coming from the master cylinder is directed down to the brake calipers. Consequently, a piston or pistons are pushed inward and this movement pressed the brake pads against the rotating rotor. The friction that's produced causes the wheels to stop.

The brake calipers are of two main types — the floating and the fixed calipers. The single piston floating calipers are the most famous and are least expensive to assemble and repair. The floating caliper is named such because it floats in a track in order to be centered over the brake rotor. With this type of caliper, the hydraulic fluid is pushed into two directions. It presses the piston against the inner pad which is then squashed against the rotor and it forces the caliper in the opposite direction against the outer pad and presses it against the other side of the brake rotors. Two piston floating calipers are usually employed on luxurious vehicle to deliver an enhanced braking experience.

The four piston fixed calipers, on the other hand, are installed firmly to the support and aren't designed to move. For this reason, two pistons are found on each side, which press the brake pads against the brake rotors. If you want to achieve a better feel, you can prefer four piston calipers. Though they are more costly to manufacture, four piston calipers are more efficient and are more expensive to repair. Such caliper is typically installed to expensive luxury vehicles and high-performance automobiles.

If properly maintained, your Lexus brake calipers can last longer than your car. One of the things that will make your brake calipers last is to make sure that the vehicle's brake fluid is completely flushed annually. Once you fail to flush the automobile's brake fluid, water will be allowed in the brake hydraulic system and this will result to rust. The said rust will reach the brake caliper piston and will eat up the brake caliper. Ignoring worn out brake pads is the most detrimental thing you can give to your brake calipers since they will be the ones to hit the rotors. Replacing your defective Lexus brake caliper doesn't have to be very expensive. Just go to Parts Train and you can get high-quality replacement Lexus brake calipers that will bring back your vehicle's braking capability without costing you much