When you think about it cars really provide lots of advantages for all people. If you have car of your own you can easily go places regardless of the time of day or night. Hauling several pieces of luggage or cargo will not be much of a problem anymore if you have a car. This mechanism is also very handy if there are emergency situations. However, there's another side to the story about cars. A lot of people may not think about it much but wrongly used, cars can be a source of grief. So as to avoid this scenario, as a car owner you should make sure that your car is always in good shape and every system is working well especially the brakes.

Most of the time slowing down or stopping is the best thing to do to keep away from possible danger. This process is made possible through the braking system. Disc brake, drum brake, brake pads, brake disc and the brake caliper are the important parts that make up the system. Each of them helps in slowing and stopping the-movement of the car.

Among these parts, the brake caliper is the most overlooked one. This part is the item where the brake pads are mounted. Generally, there are three kinds of calipers used in vehicles that make use of disc brakes. One of them is the fixed caliper that encloses the piston or pistons on each side of the rotor. This kind of caliper is more advantageous because of the stable support it can give; the drawback about this type is that it is expensive. The second type of caliper is the floating caliper which contains a single piston positioned on the side inboard side of the caliper. The sliding caliper works almost the same way as the floating caliper.

In all the car components, the braking system is the one that constantly undergoes pressure and stress which makes it more prone to damage than any other part. Regular checking of this part must be done in order to avoid brake failure on the road.

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