Through the years, vehicles have been continuously outfitted with innovative features, advanced safety engineering and computer aided components to make them more efficient, more convenient and more reliable. As vehicles are made more and more performance oriented, they need to also be equipped with top class braking system. As effective stopping power is integral in every vehicle, high performance brake parts are necessary. Your Kia Rio ride especially needs high quality braking system to compensate for its highly efficient engine. Because your safety on the road depends greatly on the brakes, ensuring that all your Kia Rio brake parts are in good shape is vital.

One of the vital components of your Kia brakes is the brake caliper. The Kia Rio brake caliper is the hardiest and most integral component of the braking system of your vehicle. As it works with the brake pads, it literally puts a stop or slows down your vehicle. The brake caliper is a U shaped device that houses the brake pads and pistons with the pads lined up inside of the U. As you step on the brake pedal, the brake fluid is engaged from the master cylinder to the caliper. The brake caliper then presses the piston that in turn presses the pads against the disc that is connected to wheel, thereby forcing it to stop. There are two types of brake calipers, the floating and fixed calipers. The fixed caliper as the name implies does not move rather it use one or more pairs of piston to hold on each side of the disc. The floating caliper, on the other hand, moves along with the disc. A piston on one side forces the inner brake pad to press against the braking surface while the outer brake pads pulls the caliper body so pressure is applied on both sides of the disc.

Routine maintenance of your Kia Rio brake caliper is critical to ensure that it last for a long time. Sooner or later though, your brake caliper could endure damage and eventually wear out. As soon as you notice wearing in your brake performance, immediately inspect the caliper and secure replacement when necessary. A defective brake caliper can cause erratic braking performance that could be a major safety hazard. To continually enjoy the efficient service of your Kia Rio ride, keeping the brake calipers and the rest of the brake components properly maintained is integral. Invest in high performance and heavy duty Kia Rio brake calipers to restore the factory settings of your powerful braking system.

Kia Rio brake calipers are available in several designs and types. Choosing the right fitting brake caliper for your car is vital to ensure precise fitment. If you are looking for a Kia Rio brake caliper replacement, visit us here at Parts Train. We carry top of the line brake calipers from leading manufacturers. Simply click on our online shopping store on your next brake caliper replacement need.