When going for long drives, aside from ensuring that your Jeep Wagoneer engine is fully functional, you also need to check if the brake system is in top working condition. Check if all its parts are in good condition and determine whether they are up for the long drive. Among the integral component of your Jeep Wagoneer brake system is the brake caliper. As the part that literally puts your car to a stop, ensuring that it is in top notch working condition is essential. Ensuring that your Jeep Wagoneer brake calipers are near perfect working condition will keep your chances of meeting car accidents lean.

Your Jeep Wagoneer brake caliper is actually the part that holds the brake pads securely in place. It is a U-shaped assembly that has pistons on each side of the U. The brake pads are lined up inside the U and the brake disc is located inside the U caliper. As soon as the brake pressure is employed, the brake fluid from the master cylinder is pushed to the calipers. The calipers then press the piston that in turn grasps the brake pads against the disc forcing your car to stop. There are basically two types of brake caliper, the floating and fixed caliper. The floating caliper moves along with the disc with a piston on one side that forces the inner brake pad to press the braking surface. The fixed caliper, on the other hand, does not move rather it uses one or more pairs of piston to clamp on each side of the disc.

The life efficiency of your Jeep Wagoneer brake caliper depends on the intensity of your driving. Although they are designed from top quality materials, they will still eventually give in to wear and tear. Throughout the life of your vehicle, you would replace your brake caliper more than once. When you need to replace your brake caliper do it as soon as possible. Do not compromise your driving safety with a defective brake caliper. Make sure that the caliper replacement that you are securing sticks to the manufacturer's application and maintenance specifications. This would allow you to optimize the efficiency and service life of your brake calipers.

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