Your Jeep Cherokee ride is equipped with top of the line brake system. Its brake parts are continuously enhanced to meet with the increasing demand for dependable brake system. Among the essential parts of your Jeep Cherokee brake system is the brake caliper. It works in ensuring that you car will stop when needed. As the hydraulic pressure builds up in the master cylinder when you step on the brake pedal, it moves to the brake lines from the master cylinder to the brake calipers. The caliper then contracts to press onto the brake pads so it would come in contact with the brake disc. The friction created is what forces your car to stop. A good set of Jeep Cherokee brake caliper in your car will ensure that you get sure stopping power at all times.

There are basically two main types of brake calipers, the floating caliper and the fixed caliper. The floating caliper is the most popular and is less costly to service and manufacture. It floats in a track in its support so that it can center itself over the rotor. Two piston floating calipers are found on more expensive vehicles that offers improved braking feel. The fixed caliper, on the other hand, is mounted firmly to the support and is not allowed to move; thus, there are two pistons on each side that press the pads against the rotors. Although it offers better feel and more efficiency, it is more costly to produce and service. There are other brake caliper configurations but the floating and fixed caliper are the most popular.

Over time though, your durable Jeep Cherokee brake caliper will wear out from excessive heat and use. When the calipers get too heated, brake fade will occur causing the brake system to loose its effective stopping power. Aside from heat, road debris could also affect the performance of the caliper. High quality brake caliper replacements are now conveniently available in the market. They are crafted from select grade of durable materials that offers quality and performance that match your stock brake caliper. Remember that prolonging the use of a worn out brake caliper compromises your driving safety. So, immediately address your brake caliper problem as soon as possible.

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