Your Jeep's braking system is one of the most important systems of your driving machine. Meaning, you need to have this system checked from time to time to ensure that all its components are in good shape. Even if the modern brake system has been refined and made extremely reliable and efficient, it is still needed to give this system and its parts proper upkeep. Your car's brake system is composed of various parts with different tasks to perform.

Your Jeep brake caliper is one of these components. The brake caliper is the device that holds the brake pads and presses it against the brake rotors when your car's pedal is depressed. The brake pads subsequently rub against the rotors, changing your car's forward energy onto friction and heat. Friction is what causes the disc and the wheel attached to it to slow down or stop.

Brake calipers come in two kinds: the floating calipers and the fixed calipers. Of course, a fixed caliper does not move relative to the disc; instead it uses one of more pistons in order to press the pads against the brake rotors. This type of brake caliper is commonly used on high-performance vehicles. The floating type on the other hand, moves with respect to the disc. On one side of the disc, there's a piston that pushes the inner pad until it comes contact with the braking surface. It pulls the body of the brake caliper with the outer brake pad after; as a result, pressure is applied on both sides of the disc.

If your Jeep brake caliper shows signs of leaking brake fluid, you need to have it changed. Actually, brake calipers last longer than the car, but due to lack of maintenance, car owners usually find themselves changing the brake calipers way before they have to. So if your Jeep brake caliper is not yet defective, do your regular maintenance. Make sure you have the brake fluid flushed completely once a year. If you'll not do this, you'll catch water in your car's hydraulic system which causes rust.

Rust will ruin the brake caliper piston and in the long run, grasp the caliper. And the most stupid thing you should not do to your Jeep brake caliper is to fail to replace your damaged brake pads and allow the caliper pistons rub against the rotors. If you feel that you need a new brake caliper, look for replacements right away. Check out our easy-to-navigate-catalog and you can find the widest collection of brake calipers.