Infiniti's one of a kind engine performance would let you drive your way. It is designed in such a way to outperform others. The luxurious amenities being carried in a well structured body speaks of a great performing car. The extra ordinary driving power of Infiniti is reinforced by equally reliable brake system. Having a dependable brake system is the only way to have a safe and worry-free ride.

Nothing is more important than your Infiniti brakes, isn't it? Unless you are out of your mind, you will not drive your car without a fully functional brake system. Typically, any vehicle could have drum brake or disc brakes but it is the latter that is mostly used by modern designs that includes your Infiniti. Disc brakes which are considered to be more superior to the drum brakes are usually mounted on the front wheels of your car where most of the braking power is contained. The efficient performance of a disc brake is achieved through the individual functions of its components. And one of the main components of the disc brake that contributes to the high quality of your car's stopping ability is the Infiniti brake caliper.

Technically speaking, the brake caliper is the device in the brake system that converts hydraulic pressure to mechanical energy. How is this done? When you depress the brake pedal, the pressure from the hydraulic fluid pushes the Infiniti brake caliper to press against the brake pads. The brake pads consequently squeeze the brake rotors which are attached to the wheels. The squeezing produces friction between the brake pads and the brake rotors causing the vehicle to stop or slow down from motion. The Infiniti brake calipers which houses the brake pads also include the pistons that are usually made of aluminum or chrome-plated iron. These pistons are use to have an effective "clamping" of the brake calipers unto the brake pads.

Since the Infiniti brake calipers are subjected to excessive pulling and twisting forces as it clamp the brake pads, it is expected to wear faster. However, you can prevent the premature wearing of the brake caliper if the hydraulic fluid is regularly changed. Contaminated or dirty hydraulic fluid will cause failures such as fluid leaks, loss of braking power and decrease in fuel mileage. Watch out for a brake fluid leakage since this is an indicator of an Infiniti brake caliper failure. If your brake caliper is worn out, buy the replacement here at Parts Train. Parts Train's online ordering system is so convenient that you can place your order at your most convenient time.