Hummer is a sports utility vehicle (SUV) that is originally made by AM General Motors, the military division of the American Motors, to cater to the need for military and government vehicles. However, due to its uprising demand, it was released for public use in 1991 after a live telecast footage of its Beijing to London off-road drive test. Hummer became the most sought-after SUV, although it is one of the least fuel efficient among the few SUVs and muscle cars manufactured by different major vehicle makers. But because of its featured comfort and overall convenience even on hard terrains, it is still one of the popular vehicles in the auto world. And its holistic performance is made even better with its high performing Hummer brake caliper.

The Hummer brake caliper is both an assembly and a component of the braking system. It is an assembly because it houses pistons which are mounted at its either sides and form a U shape. These pistons are padded with sets of two or more hardy brake pads, depending on how aggressive the driver is or depending on the type of terrains that the vehicle encounters. The caliper assembly is then a component of the whole braking system as it works to clamp into another braking component, which is the rotating brake disc or rotor.

The clamping motion and the seizing of the rotation of the brake disc are made possible by the pressure applied by the foot of the driver into the brake pedal inside the vehicle. When the driver applies pressure by stepping on the brake pedal, a high pressure fluid is then transmitted from the head cylinder to the pistons in the caliper. The pistons then react and move inward, pushing the brake pads to make a contact against the surface of the rotating brake discs. The friction generated by this action then stops the rotation of the wheels, as the rotors are connected to them, forcing the vehicle to a halt or moderating its movement.

The vital role of the Hummer brake calipers in your auto's braking system and the total security of your valued possession and your own life makes them actually bigger than how they visually appear. Proper maintenance of these hardy parts is a must to ensure their reliability and efficiency. However, their role makes them more susceptible to wear, cracks, and corrosion. No worry though, because replacing them will never be a major issue with Parts Train.

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