Nothing is more important than your car's ability to stop. We always hear this line, right? Well, this is only to remind all car owners to do their regular maintenance on their brake system or else they'll end up bumping into road mishaps. Albeit your GMC brake system has been refined and modified to be truly dependable and efficient, it would still come to an end, especially its components.

Your GMC brake caliper is one of the key components of your car's brake system. It is the assembly that housed the brake pads and pistons. On your GMC, there are two kinds of brake calipers: the floating calipers and the fixed calipers. Other vehicles have other configurations but those two mentioned above are the most popular.

A floating caliper, also called a sliding caliper floats in a track in its support so as to center itself over the rotor. On some vehicles, floating calipers have two pistons installed on both sides of the disc to provide and enhanced braking "feel". A fixed caliper on the other hand, as what its name implies, is mounted rigidly to the support and is not allowed to move. As a substitute, two pistons are installed on each side pressing the brake pads against the rotor.

Single piston floating calipers are prone to early wear and tear due to dirt or corrosion that results to stickiness and leaks. Defective brake calipers can cause the pads that are attached to it to rub on the disc once the brake is released. This will result to poor fuel economy and excessive damage on the affected pad. Four piston fixed calipers provide a better feel and are more efficient but are more expensive replace.

Do not replace your GMC brake caliper only when it shows signs of leaking brake fluid but change it according to its prescribed time intervals. Worn out brake calipers will produce screeching because of the vibration created. So always make sure that you check on your brake caliper to avoid further damage to your car and to prevent collisions as well.

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