Your daily routine is not complete without driving off your Geo, isn't it? From bringing your kids to school, going to your place of work, picking up you kids again in a matter of time seems impossible to do without your geo vehicle. But no matter how busy your day is accurate actions should be taken in order to avoid accidents especially while you are driving.

Safety is the top priority when driving and this can be achieved through your dependable and efficient Geo brake system. And one of the components that make your brake system reliable is a fully functional Geo brake caliper. A Geo brake caliper is an assembly of components which include the brake pads and pistons. The Geo brake calipers function as hydraulic clamp which are attached to the wheel hub and hold the brake pads that apply pressure on the disc brake.

The Geo brake calipers can be one of the two types of brake calipers: floating and fixed. A fixed brake caliper is more complex and expensive than the floating brake caliper since it uses two or more pistons to clamp from each side of the disc and does not move relative to the disc. A floating brake caliper or sliding caliper is designed with a single piston on side of the disc that pushes the inner brake pad until it touches with the braking surface. It then, pulls the brake caliper body with the outer brake pad so that the pressure can be applied to both sides of the disc.

The designs of a floating brake caliper are prone to failure due to sticking caused by dirt or corrosion if the vehicle is not operated regularly. This failure can cause the brake pad to rub on the disc when the brake is released and will result to poor fuel economy and excessive wear on the affected pad.

The Geo brake caliper can be properly maintained by supplying it regularly with hydraulic fluid and flushing it out upon the correct time interval. If this is not done, moisture will be formed and will cause rust to your Geo brake caliper that will lead to total brake caliper failure. If your Geo brake caliper is beyond repair, replace it with a brand new Geo brake calipers that Parts Train offers. Place your order though our online system or call us toll-free for personal assistance.