"Safety in Driving" is probably the universal creed of all drivers. In driving, there is no other thing that is taken with utmost consideration than safety. Nobody would like to end up driving with bruises on the forehead and smashed hood on the car. A dependable brake system is very important to make your ride safe. All the parts that make up the bake system should be in perfect condition for the brake system to function properly.

The key component of your Ford's brake system is the Ford brake caliper. A brake caliper is a hydraulic clamp which is attached to the wheel hub. The brake caliper holds the brake pads that apply pressure on the disc brake and forces the brake pads against the brake rotor. Most cars have sliding calipers with a single hydraulic piston while some cars have fixed brake calipers with one or two pistons in each side of the caliper. Your Ford brake calipers should be extremely strong to endure the pulling and twisting forces produced by the spinning rotors.

The Ford brake caliper functions when you start to hit the brakes. The hydraulic fluid is delivered from the cylinder to the brake caliper. This hydraulic fluid pushes the pistons inward that causes the brake pads to move against the spinning brake rotor. This mechanism produces friction that makes your car to stop. Your Ford brake caliper is affixed to the vehicle frame where the brake rotors spin in hundreds of rpm and the brake caliper has to absorb this massive force.

The lifespan of your Ford brake caliper can go beyond the limit if it is well maintained. Reinforce your Ford brake caliper with fresh hydraulic fluid. The hydraulic fluid which sustains the brake caliper to function should be flushed out of your Ford's brake system every other year. If changing of hydraulic fluid is not done regularly, the moisture in the fluid will cause rust to the inside of your Ford brake caliper. If this happen, symptoms of a bad brake caliper like fluid leaks, loss of braking power and pulling to one side during braking will start to show up

Your immediate attention is needed if these symptoms start to manifest in your Ford. Check out your entire brake system. If the problem lies on your Ford brake caliper, you may rebuild it with a repair kit. But if it is beyond repair replace it immediately with a brand new Ford brake caliper. Parts Train is just a click away to provide you with genuine Ford brake caliper. You can order your Ford brake caliper needs online or you may call us for personal assistance.