Automobiles are created to serve the riding public and to protect their riders, thus they are equipped with various safety accessories. In your own Fiat vehicle, a number of these accessories are provided in order for you to be both convenient and confident wherever you go. Among the standard parts, although there are more if you try to look at your manual and closely study your vehicle, are the safety accessories provided through your mirrors, lights, tough but elegant auto body, air bags, shock absorbers, bars, bumpers, and the braking system to top them all. As the ultimate safety part, the braking system can be directly operated in your command through your Fiat brake caliper.

The brake caliper is a component of the brakes of your vehicle, an assembly which is made up of the brake discs or rotors, the brake caliper, and two or more brake pads. The brake caliper itself is another assembly where two pistons are mounted and form a U shape clamp. These pistons are padded with the brake pads. The U shape is located above the rotating brake disc but not touching or colliding with it.

Your Fiat's brake caliper is connected to the brake pedal found in your vehicle together with two other pedals. The other two are located side by side with the brake pedal, the accelerator on its right and the clutch pedal on its left. The pressure of your foot on the pedal triggers a high pressure fluid from the head cylinder to flow all the way to the brake caliper's pistons, pushing them to move inwards. This pushing brings the brake pads in contact with the brake disc and generates the friction that literally stops the rotation of the disc and the wheels.

Because of this chain reaction in your braking system, you are ensured not to collide into anything on the road or whatever is on your way, provided that each of the calipers is perfectly fit to perform its function. To make sure that your brake calipers do not fail and refuse to obey your command to stop anytime, maintain them well and more frequently as your Fiat starts to age. Taking your auto to your reliable mechanic for a periodic inspection will matter a lot. For best results, replacements for failing calipers should also be at hand. Such are an easy find at your handy dealer, Parts Train.

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