Vehicles offer a lot benefits for all people. Primarily, it makes transportation really convenient. If you feel the urge to just go someplace, you can do so, regardless of the time of day or night. Another is that having a vehicle makes bringing baggage easier and more expedient. At present we will see vehicles of different forms, designs and sizes being driven along the streets. All of them contain the necessary parts in order to function well. All of them have what it takes to get started and to stop.

A very vital component of a vehicle's system is the braking system. This is very necessary because you have to slow down if there is a vehicle in front of you and also if you happen to bass by a pedestrian lane. Furthermore, stopping is a necessity when you come across a red light when crossing in traffic.

The braking system is composed of several parts and one of them is the brake caliper. This aspect is the part that contains the brake pads that are essential for generating friction. It also encloses the pistons that are typically made of chrome plated iron or aluminum. The brake caliper has two main types that must be properly distinguished from each other so that when the time comes that your brake caliper needs replacement you know which one to purchase. The floating caliper is also sometimes referred to as the sliding caliper that shifts position together with the disc. When the brake pedal is stepped on, the brake disc is also induces the pads to move drawing the caliper so that force is put on both discs. The floating caliper is not very advantageous because of its tendency to fail when dirt gets accumulated in the brake components. On the other hand, the fixed caliper does not move with the disc. This type is more expensive than the floating type of caliper.

Some of the Eagle cars are equipped with fixed caliper while others have the floating type. It matters to know which one is contained in the car so that when you look for the replacement, you will not get confused. For Eagle car products particularly for Eagle brake caliper, the best and most reliable source that you will find online is Parts Train. Parts Train provides the needed information, excellent customer service and very affordable prices, so whichever way you look at it you are a sure winner.