After driving some kilometers, the road traffic start to get congested and the vehicles ahead are slowly moving. Such was known to be caused by a vehicular accident, particularly head on collision between two speeding vehicles. Reason? Failure of their brakes to engage or work. Most vehicular accidents happen when vehicles are running at high speeds. This is because the more you accelerate, the more you lose control of anything that may happen around you. It gives you only a little chance of maneuvering your vehicle's movement once the wheels turns rapidly and excessively. The result? Fatal accidents. Because of this, vehicles are equipped with brakes.

As automobile brake is a system responsible in slowing down or stopping the movement of a vehicle. Two common types of braking system are the drum braking system and the disc braking system. The former is the type of brakes usually seen on older automobiles, and is being used both in the front and rear wheels of such older automobiles. A metal cylinder called brake drum is the main component of this system. The drum is the component to which the brake shoes and brake pads are being pressed against to generate friction that will convert the vehicle's forward motion into heat, hence, the vehicle will consequently slow down or stop. However, this kind of braking system is slowly being phased out and replaced by the more reliable and newer in design braking system called disc barking system.

A disc braking system is one that uses brake disc or brake rotor instead of brake drums. Aside from brake rotors, a disc braking system has another important component called brake caliper. In order to produce friction that will convert the vehicle's forward motion into heat that will cause the vehicle to slow down or halt, the brake pads should be pressed against the brake disc. The component that will press the pads against the rotor will be the caliper like the Dodge brake caliper. Such component holds the brake pads in place and presses them against both surfaces of the rotor whenever the driver steps on the brake pedal.

However, brake calipers also wear out due to long and constant use, or when the driver fails to apply wrong braking techniques. For this reason, immediate repair or replacement should be made to prevent accidents. If you are looking for brake caliper replacement products, you can start browsing our catalogue. Here at Parts Train, we offer great deals of brake calipers and other parts and accessories for all your automotive needs. Check them out now!