All cars will not be relatively safe to use without a braking system included in its structure. This system has the ability to save you from potentially hazardous road conditions. If you encounter slippery roads because of some spilt oil you just have to step on the brakes and navigate in that area slowly and carefully. Without the brakes to slow you down, for sure you will spin frenziedly in that area and possibly harm yourself and your passenger. The brakes also help you to efficiently deal with tight traffic situations.

In order to fulfill its role effectively, the braking system is made up of several vital parts. Each of them differs in their function but what they do is directed towards one goal which is to slow down and stop the movement of the car. There are two kinds of brakes that cars generally use — the disc brake and the drum brakes. Some cars are equipped with two disc brakes in front and two drum brakes for the rear, while others make use only of disc brakes on all four wheels. More and more car manufacturers are making use of the disc brakes for all the wheels because it provides more braking power.

The disc brake will not be able to do all these without the brake rotors, pads and the brake caliper. All of these parts are interconnected so if one is missing or malfunctioning, the function of the others will be gravely affected. The brake caliper in particular is the part where the brake pads are mounted. Some of the types of brake caliper used in cars include the fixed caliper, floating caliper and the sliding caliper. These three vary in their characteristics. These are usually U-shaped materials that have pistons on either side. When the brake pedal is pressed down the caliper is put into action by clamping down on the brake disc. The friction produced by the brake pads is transmitted to the caliper and the disc thereby slowing and stopping the wheels' movements.

Since the brake caliper is one of the most exerted parts of the car, regular check up must be done on it. If you notice that your brake caliper are not doing well when you apply them, then maybe its high time to have them replaced. If you need Chrysler brake caliper you can check out the offerings of Parts Train for this item.