If you love driving a vehicle with the Chevrolet badge in it, that's not surprising; with all the good things that every Chevy automobile model is offering, you'd surely be proud having to drive and own one. Chevrolet is among the most acclaimed automaker and it has the ability to combine luxury and utility in a much cheaper package; thus, most practical buyers love their models. Aside from that, all Chevrolet vehicles are equipped with great features and equipments including safety parts like seatbelts, airbags, power door locks and brakes.

All these safety equipments, especially the brakes, are guaranteed high-quality and durable since they are crucial in having safe and worry-free journey. Now, the brakes in your Chevy are among the most essential safety gears in your vehicle. And mostly, disc brakes are being used as one of the main braking system of a Chevy vehicle. These disc brakes have different parts and components that must at all time function properly for optimum braking performance. Among such parts are brake rotors, brake discs and brake calipers and supports.

Now, the Chevy brake caliper in your Chevrolet vehicles is basically the assembly that's designed to house the braking system's pistons and brake pads. In this case, the piston is usually made of either chrome-plated iron or aluminum. Your brake caliper is rather important in having maximum braking performance and stability and therefore must always work in coordination with the brake pad materials.

Typically, there several types of brake calipers available in the automotive world. But the most popular configurations are the floating caliper and the fixed caliper. The first one, the floating caliper, is designed to move relative to the brake disc. This kind of caliper has piston on one side which pushes your vehicle's inner brake pad so it could make contact with the braking surface. After that, it will then pull the body of the caliper along with the outer brake pad; thus, pressure can be applied to both sides of the brake discs.

On the other hand, a floating caliper or a single piston caliper is designed to move in its caliper support so it can make itself centered over the brake rotors. When back pressure is applied, the hydraulic fluids in the brakes move in two directions. It will then force the brake piston against the inner part of the bake pad which will push against the brake rotor in turn. However, if you are not properly taking care of your vehicle and you have Chevy brake caliper with floating designs; they are prone to damage and failure due to dirt and corrosion.

If your Chevy brake caliper is showing signs of brake fluid leakage, it is time to have them rebuilt or replaced. If you should opt for the latter, you need not to worry as there are lots of shops online selling great Chevy brake caliper replacements. Parts Train, for one, offers wide array of great aftermarket and OEM Chevy brake calipers and other Chevy braking components for your needs.