Cadillac Brake Caliper

Safety should always be the top concern in driving. And most auto manufacturers understand this; thus, every vehicle available in the market is equipped with standard safety gears and parts. Among such gears are seat belts, defoggers, airbags, power locks and brakes. Some of these safety gears are included as standard in most vehicles while some are available as performance add-ons only. Now, if you're driving a Cadillac, you'll know about these stuffs as they are included in every Cadillac models especially the brakes.

Basically, your Cadillac includes different brake systems for more efficient braking performance. Among them are disc brakes, drum brakes, parking brakes, ABS brakes, power brake boosters, etc. However, the most common brake system nowadays is disc brakes. This is basically a brake system that functions using hydraulic pressure and include several components such as brake pads, brake rotors, brake calipers and supports. The hydraulic pressure presses the brake pad against the rotor in order to slow down or stop your vehicle from moving. As you step on your brake pedal, it will act upon the master cylinder's pistons which then send the pressure through the vehicle's brake lines and to the caliper.

With this braking cycle, your Cadillac brake caliper is considered to be the "heart" of your disc brake system. This is because they have a vital role in stopping your vehicle during braking process. The caliper is basically designed to straddle the vehicle's brake rotors as well as use hydraulic pressure coming from the brake lines and internal pistons so to force the pads against the rotors; which will eventually stop the vehicle. As you take a peek at your Cadillac's brake system, you'll see that your Cadillac brake caliper is shaped like a U and includes pistons or piston on one or both sides.

Typically, there are several types and kinds of brake calipers that are available in the market. But, the two most common are floating and fixed calipers. Floating calipers are designed to move relative and in conjunction to the brake disc while the fixed calipers move in its support to make itself centered over the rotors.

Now, with your Cadillac brake caliper's job, it is indeed an important component in your braking system and thus should be working properly as always. However, in due time, brake caliper and other brake components are destined to wear off and aged; which calls for replacements. Be sure to always check the condition of your Cadillac brake caliper along with other braking components to ensure high-performance braking at all times.

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