Smoothing out the braking process and enhancing reliability and safety is the ultimate task of modern brake technology. Because safety is the biggest selling point for most people, obviously no one would patronize a car that is known to posses the poorest brake system. Good thing Buick has continuously enhanced its brake system to meet with today's increasing demand for dependable brakes. Every Buick model is a reflection of its uniqueness, reliability and innovativeness.

Hence, as an owner and driver of a Buick vehicle you have to exercise proper maintenance to keep it in excellent shape at all times. The brake caliper is among your Buick components that have to be given proper repair and replacement when necessary. In essence, the brake caliper is the component that makes sure that your car will stop when needed. When you step on the brake pedal hydraulic pressure builds up in the master cylinder. This pressure then moves to the brake lines from the master cylinder to the brake calipers.

The pistons in each of the brake caliper press the brake pads onto the brake disc. Oftentimes, two or more pistons are found in the caliper to enable the brake pads to equally dispense pressure on the brake disc. Hence, the more pistons there are, the more equally the pressure on the pads is extended to the brake disc. For this reason, high performance cars these days contain several pistons on their brake calipers.

However, no matter how many or how durable your brake calipers are, they will still wear out due to excessive heat. Every time you step on the brake pedal, huge amount of heat is produced to get your car to stop. When the calipers get too heated, brake fade will eventually occur. When this happens the brake calipers can literally boil because of the overheated brake fluid. Aside from heat, road contaminants can also affect the performance of the caliper. When these contaminants build up inside the caliper, the valves will stop moving causing the brake system to perform poorly.

When eventually the brake caliper wears out it is time to get replacement as soon as possible. Immediate replacement is necessary to avoid impairing the function of the entire brake system. Visit our online catalog here at Parts Train when the need to replace your Buick brake caliper arises. After you have found the right caliper for your Buick simply place an order and it will be on its way to you in just a short while.