Road accidents are very prevalent these days. News about cars crashing into another car can be seen as it is flashed on TV. With this kind of scenario we really need to stay cautious in handling the car on the road. In order to maintain your safety on the road your car must have the necessary safety gadgets. Audi is one of the cars that can provide the security you need on the road because it is equipped with anti-lock braking system that helps prevent locking of the wheels when you abruptly apply the brakes. This car has four disc brakes with four ventilated disc that will make up for the effective application of heat and friction on the wheels.

All cars including the Audi are not feasible to be used without the braking system. It is through this system that the car is able to slow down and finally come to a stop. Generally, the parts that compose the brakes are the disc brakes, drum brakes, brake pads, brake caliper and the brake disc or rotors. Each of these plays a role in stopping the car's motion.

Among these parts, the one usually overlooked is the brake caliper. This material is a part of the disc brake that holds the brake pads and pistons. In order to understand better how the caliper works you have to know the characteristics of the different types of brake caliper. The fixed caliper contains one or more pistons that clamp on each side of the disc and so it does not move with the disc. The floating caliper on the other hand moves with the disc and the piston it has pushes the mounted brake pad until it makes contact with the side of the disc. The piston together with the outer brake pads pulls the body of the caliper until pressure is applied on the two sides of the disc. Sometimes the floating caliper is also referred to as the sliding caliper.

The brake caliper is always involved each time you step on the brake pedal. With the stress and pressure it regularly undergoes, it will be understandable if it malfunctions. If this happens and you did not take an action, you are putting yourself in jeopardy on the road. A broken brake caliper should not be ignored. Change it as soon as you can. As an owner of Audi cars, you should only use the compatible Audi brake caliper. You can get his products from your reliable car parts store — Parts Train.