Car Brake Calipers

Almost all vehicles today have a disc brake system, so all of them also have a brake caliper. The caliper belongs to the three main components of the brakes, including the brake pads and brake rotors. The pads are the parts that come in contact with the rotors when you brake. And, the caliper is the one that holds the pads and clamps on the rotors to make the contact between the two parts possible. With the action of the caliper, the friction needed to brake is successfully created and your car is able to stop on time.

Over the years of operation, however, brake calipers also wear out. After a while, they may show symptoms of damage that will necessitate their replacement. The first and most common indication that will tell you when a caliper is failing is a problem with braking. Sometimes, the caliper seizes. And when this happens, you'll notice a great reduction in the efficiency by which you brake. This symptom, however, is not unique to a caliper problem. It could be caused by a worn-out pad or a damaged rotor, not necessarily a caliper issue.

To really determine whether the problem has to do with your front or rear brake caliper, you can do a complete caliper inspection. One of the things you must look out for is a leak. This can occur anywhere in the system, especially in the seal which keeps the lubrication of the caliper intact. Sometimes, you can simply run your hand in the lower portion of the caliper to check whether there's any brake fluid in the area, an indication of a leak. Other parts to inspect would be the bushings and other small hardware. They must be properly lubricated, and they should be free from any form of corrosion. Of course, the caliper pistons must remain in top shape. Sometimes, these parts stick and refuse to move back after they are pressed in. As a result, the pads that are attached to them do not disengage totally from the rotors as the rotors spin, causing intensive pad wear.

Replacing damaged brake calipers is crucial due to the danger that they may bring. When replacing a failing caliper, you may need the help of a professional to do the job and guarantee that the brakes will work well. Be sure not to neglect a problem because brake failure can be a matter of life and death, especially if you drive in bad weather when the roads are extremely dangerous.

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