The brake system is one of the most important systems in your vehicle that are more often taken for granted unless something happens to your brakes. If you step on the brake pedal, and it seems to just go through, there is no resistance, and then your car will not stop. The brake system is the device used for slowing or stopping the motion of a moving vehicle and keeps it from starting again. The usual brake system consists of the disc brakes in the front and disk or drum brakes in the rear, a system of hoses and tubes that connects the brakes on each wheel to the master cylinder, booster pedals and others.

The brake system starts when you step on the brake pedal and that step drives the plunger in the master cylinder to force the hydraulic oil or brake fluid to the brake unit on each wheel via the system of reinforced rubber hoses and steel tubes. The braking unit for the on each wheel consists of several parts such as disc brake, brake pads, brake caliper, brake rotors that work harmoniously together to do its task.

For the front Infiniti I35 Brake unit, it starts with the disk brake where the fluid from the master cylinder is then driven to the caliper where it presses against the piston. The piston then pushes the two brake pads against the disc or rotor which is attached to the wheel making it slow down or stop. For the rear brake unit, where instead of the disk brake there are drum brakes, it is almost the same process. Except that instead of the brake fluid forcing the pistons, the brake fluid is forced to the caliper which pushes the brake shoes out causing the friction lining on the drum which is attached to the wheel thus causing the wheel to stop.

In both cases, the forward motion of the vehicle is converted to heat by the friction surfaces of the brake pads on a disk brake system or the shoes on a drum brake. The heat causes the friction surface to wear out needing a replacement in the end. It is important that your braking system is working perfectly. Always makes sure that it is working smoothly. And if you need a replacement for your Infiniti I35 Brake then get your replacement from Parts Train where you are guaranteed premium and superior brake system components. We carry a selection of premium quality brake parts in our user-friendly catalog and you can order anytime and avail of great deals and discounts.