The blower motor resistor of your Toyota Celica manages fan settings, affecting the functionality of the air-conditioning and heating unit of your car. The Toyota Celica blower motor resistor will ensure that enough cold air or heat will be flowing through the cabin depending on your desired setting. In case this resistor malfunctions, you aren't going to enjoy proper cooling or heating that's necessary for a cozier driving experience.

A good indication of damage on the Toyota Celica blower motor resistor is when the fan works only at high speed-you should examine this part and figure out what you can do to deal with the problem. The circuit of the Toyota Celica blower motor resistor is probably busted when there seems to be no air flowing out of the A/C or heater, or the coils were torn in case the fan doesn't run at a set setting. Mend a flawed blower motor resistor with a direct-fit replacement for your Toyota Celica to guarantee top functionality and long service life.

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