The blower motor resistor of your Land Rover manages air that's blowing out of the vents, making it an essential element of the air-con and heating unit of your automobile. Tuning into the desired fan setting, the Land Rover blower motor resistor will surely help deliver the needed level of cooled or heated air into the passenger compartment. The cab of your automobile won't be properly cooled or heated if you have a malfunctioning resistor.

A sure sign of wear and tear on the Land Rover blower motor resistor is whenever the fan runs only at high speed-you must examine this electrical component and find out how you can fix the trouble. Simply because of damaged coils of the Land Rover blower motor resistor, the heater or A/C won't work according to the desired fan speed-if there's a broken circuit board, you will definitely notice that there's insufficient amount of air coming out the vents. Repair a damaged blower motor resistor by installing a custom-fit replacement for your Land Rover to ensure great efficiency and long service life.

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