The blower motor resistor of your Geo adjusts fan modes, affecting the functionality of the air-conditioning and heater of your car. After choosing the preferred fan mode, the Geo blower motor resistor will certainly help deliver the right level of temperature straight to the interior. Once this electrical component wears out, you won't enjoy ideal temp control needed for a cozier driving experience.

In case the fan operates at high speed yet will not operate at mid or low settings, you surely have to look at the Geo blower motor resistor for any sign of wear. All because of ruined coils of the Geo blower motor resistor, the A/C or heater fan will not run according to the chosen fan speed-if there's a broken circuit, you'll surely observe that there's insufficient amount of air sent into the vents. Lucky for you, you will immediately spot a high-grade blower motor resistor that is specially manufactured for your Geo , ensuring precise fitting and longevity.

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