The blower motor resistor of your Audi regulates air that's coming out of the A/C or heater vents and that makes it an essential element of the air-conditioning and heater of your car. The Audi blower motor resistor will make sure that sufficient heated or cooled air will be distributed through the cabin based on your chosen fan speed. When this part malfunctions, you will not have proper heating or cooling required for a more comfortable ride.

In case the fan moves at high speed yet won't operate at low or mid settings, you need to inspect the Audi blower motor resistor for any sign of wear. The circuitry of the Audi blower motor resistor is likely damaged when there's not air flowing out of the A/C or heater, or the coils have fouled up in case the fan doesn't operate at a preferred setting. Fix a ruined blower motor resistor with a snug-fit OE replacement for your Audi to ensure amazing functionality and maximum strength.

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