Car Blower Motors

Riding inside a hot and stuffy vehicle will give you headaches and will make you dizzy. Imagine trying to bear the heat especially during hot summer months. The scorching temperature inside the car will suffocate you and make you look like a sweaty pig. You can try temporary solutions like rolling down the car windows to let air in, but it would be much better if you'll fix the air conditioning system of your vehicle, particularly the blower motor, that circular device that looks like a mini fan, minus the fan blades.

So why should you inspect this particular part first? Well, that's because the A/C system is heavily dependent on this vital piece and if it isn't working, better be prepared for hot days ahead. You can't keep the car windows rolled down forever in order to catch more air since flying debris and dust will settle in the interior parts of your car. Some flying rocks outside might even harm you and damage your car seat or dashboard. That's why blower motors must be inspected and checked regularly for any damages to keep your A/C system functioning.

A number of various factors can contribute to the downfall of this device. A blown fuse, a burnt resistor, bad wiring and switch, and a faulty motor are some of the most common problems this A/C component usually encounters. To test if your car blower motor needs some fixing, check it using a volt meter and a test light. One more thing you'll have to watch out for is if it fails to operate in all speeds. It only means the part needs a replacement real quick.

Read first the service manual that comes with your vehicle before doing any DIY or before handing it over to a mechanic. Usually, this piece is lodged underneath the dash, around the passenger area. But not all blower motors can be found here though, that's why it's a lot easier to locate it first in the service manual before tinkering with your vehicle. The next thing you'll have to do to test the device is to place your car in the 'run' position without starting the engine so you can hear any odd noises coming from the car blower motor. Any unusual noises may indicate a bad motor. Lastly, you can try tapping on the device lightly so the stuck motor will start spinning again. Once it spins, that usually means the motor and the resistor must be replaced soon.

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