Attaching the control arm to a steering linkage, your Volvo 940 ball joint works as a pivot between the wheels and vehicle suspension. Your vehicle's ball joint enables you to enjoy smooth ride quality even over bumps and shock, but because of harsh elements, it will wear out after a while. You may experience hard steering and poor suspension whenever any of the ball joints goes bad.

Clunking noises may be blamed on a worn-out ball joint. When your wheels obviously move loosely and you see strange wear patterns somewhere in your tires such as scalloping, you ought to look at this suspension part and replace this part straight away if needed. Driving with a broken ball joint on your car's suspension isn't a good idea-when you turn or drive over potholes on the rd., the wheels may shake and make it tough to steer your vehicle. Choose a first-class replacement unit that not only fits your vehicle like a glove but is also made to endure even the harshest driving environment.

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