Linking the A-arm to the steering knuckle, your Volvo 262 ball joint acts as a pivot between the wheels and vehicle suspension. Subjected to dirt and other damage-causing elements, ball joints may crack and ruin steering and suspension, as you lose great control over your car, particularly whenever you drive over humps. Due to a busted ball joint, you may have to suffer from sloppy steering and poor suspension.

When you get to hear that click that can soon turn into a thump, you'd better see if there's a damaged ball joint just before the front wheels suddenly shake. If you find a worn-out ball joint, replace this straight away just before the wheels move loosely and the tires wear out prematurely with cupping and other unconventional patterns around them. Keeping a ruined ball joint isn't good by any means-you may possibly lose great control over your motor vehicle, particularly when turning or driving over holes and bumps. Search for a top-quality replacement unit that not only matches your car to the tee but is also engineered to survive even the most unforgiving driving conditions.

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