Your Toyota Matrix ball joint keeps the steering knuckle tightly hooked up to the A-frame so that the wheels can roll with less trouble as you drive your car. In contact with dirt and many other damaging elements, ball joints may crack and ruin steering and suspension, as you lose great control over your motor vehicle, specially whenever you drive over humps. Because of a bad ball joint, you will have to suffer from sloppy steering and terrible suspension.

Once you get to hear that clunk that may eventually turn into a thump, you'd better see if there's a damaged ball joint right before the front wheels suddenly wobble. In case you find a failing ball joint, repair this straight away just before the wheels move loosely and the tires wear out prematurely with cupping and other uncommon patterns around them. Driving with a worn-out ball joint on your automobile's suspension isn't a great idea-when you turn or encounter potholes on the rd., the wheels may wander and make it tough to maneuver your car. Spend money on a new ball joint that is custom-designed for the make and model of your automobile and durably constructed to last for a long time.

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